Transpire workshop Nov 17 moved

Workshop this evening moved to my house: 54 Pandora Ave N. Kitchener, apt 1! 7-9. We will discuss prioritizing projects for greening your life. Workshop is FREE. Sorry for the inconvenience, looking forward to seeing you here!


Thanks everyone!

Wow! Between Twitter, Facebook, our blog and newsletter there are 261 ppl following Earth Friendly Living! Thanks so much for the support!

Transpire Organic and Wellness Program – Earth Friendly Living’s 1st workshop!

This Saturday evening from 7 to 9 pm at Healthy Foods & More, 75 Bridgeport Rd E., Waterloo, Earth Friendly Living will be providing our first workshop called ‘Living an Earth Friendly Life’. This is a great opportunity to strategies how to move forward with sustainable practices, to have a discussion and ask some questions, to connect with others who have some experience and others who are new to the concepts, and to use some creativity in a surprise activity at the end.

Everyone is welcome to come! I look forward to seeing you there!

Environmental Fair

On November 3rd, many environmental groups from around Kitchener came together at THEMUSEUM to share some messages about the environment with kids of all ages. There were lots of fun activities including riding a bike to make lights shine, and playing a game to learn how landscaping affects our water ways. At the Earth Friendly Living booth adults and children were invited to do art to express what they love about nature either on a giant canvas (see above) or on their own sheets. The pictures they painted show how they love feeling the sun warm their skin, and to see butterflies, birds, trees and other animals. By having people participate in this exercise, they first had to think about what they love, then take time to paint it, all the while thinking about that appreciation they feel. This in turn will help them to be motivated to keep natural spaces sustained so that they can continue to enjoy the things they love. Thank you very much, Garrett for your great help with this art project and THEMUSEUM for having us there.

One child’s depiction of what she loves in nature.

Why get an eco coach?

An article about career coaching written recently in The Ontarion, in Guelph, also speaks to to environmental lifestyle coaching. Although eco coaches, career coaches or personal trainers may be training logical processes, our behavior does not always follow logic. An eco coach, similar to other coaches, can help you to have increased motivation, and to make both large and small changes that are very important in reaching your goals. Furthermore, an eco coach can provide you with support in making potentially difficult changes and help you to make changes faster, reducing your impact on the environment faster and saving you money faster.

Vows for the earth

The following vows are taken from “Active Hope”, a book by Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone. It really resonates with me, I hope you find so as well…

I vow to myself and to each of you:

To commit myself daily to the healing of our world and the welfare of all beings,

To live on Earth more lightly and less violently in the food, products and energy I consume,

To draw strength and guidance from the living Earth, the ancestors, the future generations, and my brothers and sisters of all species,

To support others in our work for the world and to ask for help when I need it,

To pursue a daily practice that clarifies my mind, strengthens my heart, and supports me in observing these vows.

Our Services

Currently, Earth Friendly Living is charging $25 per hour whether that is to meet at your place of choice to discuss your topic of interest, to provide a report presenting all information discussed in a meeting (usually two hours needed per topic), or to present quoted prices and recommendations for a product, eg. solar panels (usually two hours needed per product). This is a great price for coaching or consulting so get in touch to take advantage of our low prices and be one of the first to receive our services. There are currently no charges for travel to your location. We can meet you anywhere in the tri-cities.

Tit for Tat

The Tit for Tat Clothing Swap is a great opportunity to let go of some clothes that you no longer need or want and get some new pre-loved items to take home at no charge. Earth Friendly Living will also be there collecting the following small items for proper disposal:

  • batteries
  • cell phones
  • ink cartridges
  • smoke detectors
  • incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs

See you there!

saveONenergy HOME ASSISTANCE Program (HAP)

This great program provides assistance with reducing the energy burden for those in need and, eligible participants can get free home improvement on the following:

  • Lights
  • Electric Power Bars
  • Showerheads, Aerators, Pipe Wrap and Tank Wrap
  • Refrigerators, Freezers, De-humidifiers, and Window Air-conditioners
  • Draftproofing
  • Basement, Wall, and Attic Insulation

Check if you are eligible. WIth this assistance, you can put the money you save to strategizing even more eco friendly projects through Earth Friendly Living.


Musings from Julianna

I have just come in from doing some gardening in the backyard on my lunch break. It was so great to be outside in a t-shirt on such a nice sunny day and get my hands dirty! It makes me so happy to clean up some tomato plants that provided their fruit for the last few months and transplant a few things with next year’s season in mind. Most of my tomatoes were in pots this year and I was pleasantly surprised to find a pot with a small volunteer cherry tomato which, withstanding the frost, still has ripening tomatoes! So exciting! I brought it inside and we’ll see if it can keep this up on the kitchen table!

I’ve had so many things going on with Earth Friendly Living for the last few weeks! The Philopolis presentation about greenwashing which I presented with Kosta Gligorijevic was great and people responded that they learned many useful things. A video will be available online shortly. I participated in the Pitch It To Investors mini competition last week and will be on the back-up list for the Grande Finale (not too shabby!). I went on Rogers Talk Local with Hayley Zimak on the 2nd of October (video also to come) and got involved with the Tit for Tat Clothing Swap.

There are lots more things that are coming up. I am going to start fundraising shortly, which will be followed by a crazy-huge promotional blitz. Meanwhile, I am constantly working at preparing and developing the process, forms and information to provide our services and developing workshops and presentations. There is also lots of work going into developing relationships with other companies which can provide referrals and discounts for my clients and I would like to create a report for the market research findings from the survey we conducted.A great big THANKS goes out to Aaron for analyzing the results from the surveys! There are many more things which I am working on and would welcome help with any of these things. If you are interested in contributing to moving this social enterprise forward, please let me know!