Environmental Fair

On November 3rd, many environmental groups from around Kitchener came together at THEMUSEUM to share some messages about the environment with kids of all ages. There were lots of fun activities including riding a bike to make lights shine, and playing a game to learn how landscaping affects our water ways. At the Earth Friendly Living booth adults and children were invited to do art to express what they love about nature either on a giant canvas (see above) or on their own sheets. The pictures they painted show how they love feeling the sun warm their skin, and to see butterflies, birds, trees and other animals. By having people participate in this exercise, they first had to think about what they love, then take time to paint it, all the while thinking about that appreciation they feel. This in turn will help them to be motivated to keep natural spaces sustained so that they can continue to enjoy the things they love. Thank you very much, Garrett for your great help with this art project and THEMUSEUM for having us there.

One child’s depiction of what she loves in nature.


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