About EarthFriendly Living

Earth Friendly Living started in 2012 as an environmental lifestyle consulting service. I helped some people with making different aspects of their lives and homes more eco friendly.

However, a year ago I got a job working for Guelph Solar, which has been a great opportunity for me, and I put EFL aside for a little while.

I have been involved in eco efforts, mostly in the Guelph, ON area for the last 12 years and before that I had always been very passionate about nature and animals and wanted to protect them.

I have also been helping some friends with branding for their small businesses. This is part of what I do professionally for Guelph Solar now, Backyard Bounty a couple of years ago, and other organizations over the last few years as well.

I realized in the last month or so that Earth Friendly Living is in essence my brand! It is the brand for what I do professionally and in most of my hobbies and how I aim to live my life! So, then I thought that I should revive EFL’s website and use this to communicate about some of the things I am doing, observing, feeling, and striving for! I’m really excited about this new realization!

Some of my involvements I am doing voluntarily I may charge for, some are what , and some I am very willing to do as part of the Guelph-Wellington Time Bank (although this is assuming that they will accept my application!).

Take a look at what I am up to and get in touch any time!

About Me

When I was about six years old, my family was driving down the highway and my Dad threw an apple core out the window to the grass along the side of the road.  I told my Dad that he shouldn’t litter.  He informed me that it was ok because apple cores break down to become part of the soil again. I then learned that someone who wants to take care of the land and animals is called an ‘Environmentalist’ and from that day on, that is what I wanted to be.  Unfortunately, I learned later that food scraps thrown onto the sides of highways actually cause danger to wildlife as they wander onto road looking for the yummy smelling snacks. It is better to bring your apple core home and put it in your composter. Sometimes you get new information, and have to change what you are doing!

During my time working in the environmental sector, I have learned some of things about waste management and recycling, ecological and organic farming, land conservation, individual personal growth, collaboration and communicating environmentalism. (For information on my professional history, please visit my LinkedIn page.)



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