We aim to hold or be a part of many exciting events, and events are constantly being planned, so please check back for details (they will also be listed in the newsletter).  These events may be held in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge or Guelph.

Events which are planned:

1.  November 17, 2012: ‘Living An Earth Friendly Life’

Presented by Earth Friendly Living
7 – 9pm
@Healthy Foods & More,
75 Bridgeport Rd E., Waterloo


‘Learn strategies for integrating environmental changes into your life which can help to save money and live more healthily. These strategies help you make more permanent changes for long-term, so that you will not be susceptible to falling back into old patterns. Discover the many health and financial benefits to living a more environmentally friendly life and how to prioritize changes based on the impact to the environment, your health and your budget.’

This workshop is a part of the Transpire Organic and Wellness Program.  This program builds on the ideal that food connects us to the land, to each other and to the miracle of life. There are many more presentations by other brilliant minds being provided as a part of the Wellness Program. For a complete list see All Transpire Organic workshops are now free of charge.

Events which I would like to hold in the future include:

  • Presentation on our relation to environmental issues and getting the motivation to start making changes.
  • Stuff Swap – people can bring things (clothes, CDs, plants, etc) and pick up anything they would like to have to take home.  This will be a free event and all left-over goods will be donated to Goodwill.
  • Green Products Home Show – many different green products will be showcased and attendants will have an opportunity to purchase or order what they would like.

If you have other ideas of green events which we could put on or which you would like to help to put on, please let us know! Also get in touch if you would like us to present at or be involved in an event.


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