What is an Environmental Lifestyle Consultant?

As an Environmental Lifestyle Consultant, I am offering my skills, knowledge, and resources to you in order to assist you in discovering environmental solutions for your every-day life and living environment. There are many ways that this can take shape.  Please see the services page or get in touch for more details.

Why get an environmental lifestyle coach?

Although eco coaches, career coaches or personal trainers may be training logical processes, our behavior does not always follow logic. An eco coach, similar to other coaches, can help you to have increased motivation, and to make both large and small changes that are very important in reaching your goals. Furthermore, an eco coach can provide you with support in making potentially difficult changes and help you to make changes faster, reducing your impact on the environment faster and saving you money faster.

Do I need to live in a cave to live a life that is healthy for the earth?

This is a common question; people are afraid that they will have to make a lot of sacrifices to live sustainably.

It may seem like there are a lot of things to change and that unless you make all of the changes, there is no use doing anything.  But that is not true. Any little change helps. So if you move from purchasing only 5% of your products certified organic to 20% or even just 10% certified organic, you have made a considerable improvement. Then, once you have made this change, you can work on increasing the amount of organics again or make other changes which you are comfortable with and which add joy to your life.

In fact what is good for the environment is good for you, so when you choose shower curtains that are free of PBCs for instance, you make your environment more healthy as well.  There are also lots of fun, easy projects such as sprouting which make a great, big difference! Its not about living in the stone age, but taking positive things from the past and melding those with positive things from the present to create something new.

How do I know if I need assistance with living more sustainably?

Every area of our life has an impact on the environment. There are a lot of actions and items which have an environmental impact which are widely unknown and may be a surprise.  For instance, did you know that many mattresses are made of a polyurethane foam which releases toluene into the surrounding environment and acts as a neurotoxin in humans?

To get an idea of where you stand with regards to environmental performance, it may be helpful to use a footprint calculator. Here are two that you can use, and you can find more online:

These calculators show you how many earths would be needed if everyone on earth were to have the same lifestyle as you.  Once you know how you are doing you can determine whether bringing your footprint down is something you think you can manage on your own or whether you could use some help.

How can I do this during tough economic times?

Actually, many projects save money immediately such as sprouting (whereas 1lb of organic greens may cost you about $7 to $13, 1lb of sprouts will cost less than $1), many save money in the medium term (sealing air leakages around the house will automatically save money on your gas bill eventually making up the money you invested), and many projects save money in the longer term (eating healthier foods free of pesticides, preservatives, hormones, etc will reduce your health care costs).

To be honest, with the state of global warming right now, we really can’t afford to not make changes! Making changes to reduce our carbon emissions is an investment in the future.

What does it mean to live an environmentally friendly life?

To truly live an environmentally friendly and sustainable life,

  • live as part of earth’s natural cycle where wastes become inputs;
  • live in a way that does not exceed the capacity of the earth to replace what we use or absorb what we discard without harming other animals, plants or ecosystems;
  • live in a way that will ensure that there is a healthy environment for people (our grandchildren) to live happily in the future;
  • consider every choice and action in terms of how it affects other humans, animals, plants and ecosystems.

I can help you to determine how you would like to attain sustainability in your life through discussing all of the different variables involved, your feelings about the environment and your role, concerns about the state of the world and anything else related to these topics. Please get in touch to find out more.

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a for-profit or not-for-profit organization which uses a business structure to achieve philanthropic goals and reinvest profits in fulfilling those goals.  It employs market-based principles to find innovative solutions to social problems. These hybrid organizations function in the divide between traditional business and non-profit organizations, harnessing the strengths of both. “Social Purpose Enterprise is not just about non-profits generating income or businesses trying to be socially responsible, but rather an active, integrated approach to changing lives” (SPEN Toronto). Many organizations and businesses have been moving in this direction over the last few years as they realize they wish to operate to fill a social aim.


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