Philopolis presentation location changed

Our presentation on Greenwashing will be around the corner in the same building…in the E-bar. Hope to see you out this Saturday! Check Events for more details!


Recycled, Fixed, and Tinkered

New (used) iphone in operation…check!

When my partner, Peter came home with a used iphone, I was so pleased to be able to catch up with technology andfinally get a smart phone without putting pressure on resources, adding toxins to landfill or using energy to have it recycled with other electronics. It took some work to replace sticky buttons and do some other things that I frankly don’t understand, but now this phone has been given a longer life and I don’t feel any guilt for switching phones.

Thanks Peter!

How we are helping NEW clients

A woman in town asked for help last week with indoor vermicomposting – a great solution for living in an appartment building. She wanted to know where would be the best place for to get worms, how to get them, how much they would cost and what to do with them once she has them. Earth Friendly Living put together a list comparing the different variables she wanted to consider and provided our recommendation on the best option. Then Julianna met with her to discuss the choices and the how-to’s for having a successful vermicomposter. Her composter is now well on its way with the worms munching away at veggie and fruit scraps, keeping them out of the landfill.

Cutathon Raises $900 for Welfit

On September 15th, lots of people came out to Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa to get a great hair cut, manicure, or face painting, all outside! The event raised $900 for the Welfit rehabilitation program at the Univerisity of Waterloo which assists anyone who has under gone Cancer Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation. 91.5 the Beat popped by to see what was going on and Earth Friendly Living was there to talk to people as well. EFL had another draw and the winner for a free consultation is Roberta Philips Thanks so much to Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa for having us and putting on a great event!


Volunteers Needed!

Who wants to help with data entry???? There are about 80 surveys yet to be added to excel and if someone’s role was to just focus on that it would be done in no time! If you would like to help, you can come over and we can work together, chat about stuff, and learn from each other while we plug away. I will have snacks and tea or home brewed-fair trade-organic coffee available. This should take about 5 hours in total but can be done in smaller blocks of time. You know what they say – if you want to get things done, you have to be able to delegate!

Energy Meter

This wonderful little doohickey is going to be a great addition to the Earth Friendly Living tool box. In helping you to reduce your energy consumption, we will be able to measure exactly how much energy is being used by each appliance and tool that you use in your home (as long as it has the right plug). This will help us to identify what exactly is consuming energy so that you may reduce its use. Finally, instead of everyone in town having one of these, you can just contact me and spend the money on finding solutions for your home rather than just on the tool. (1 hour of our services costs the same as the meter).

Instructions to care for your purple cayenne pepper plants:

1. Leave your potted pepper plant outside with lots of sun until mid September. The pepper cannot live through a frost.
2. Water daily so that the soil is usually moist to the touch.
3. When you bring your pepper plant in, put it in a sunny spot by a window.
4. When your pepper grows to be bigger than its pot, its roots are sticking out of the holes on the bottom of the pot, and the leaves are starting to yellow, it is time to transplant your pepper to a larger pot.

Transition KW Heart and Soul formed

TransitionKW, a group which works on dealing with the challenges of peak oil and climate change in Kitchener/Waterloo has formed a new sub-group called Heart and Soul. This sub-group will focus on how individuals and communities can understand and handle the changes that will come from climate change and peak oil and the impact that these changes will have. Julianna has been a part of TransitionKW for the last few months, and will be facilitating the Heart and Soul group.

Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa – a new partner!

Earth Friendly Living has been talking with Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa about opportunities for partnering. This great styling salon and spa is taking great strides to be as eco-friendly as possible – from recycling materials to reuse them in renovations, to finding shampoo and conditioner made solely of certified organic ingredients, and continually searching for more sustainable options, the team is making a genuine difference. Find out more about this great spa, treat yourself, contribute to a great local charity and stop by the Earth Friendly Living booth this Saturday at their Cutathon. Stay tuned for discounts through our new partnership.

September 15, 2012
Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa Annual Cutathon
EFL to have a booth and plants to take home (see blog post for instructions)
10am – 2pm
@ 133 Weber St. N., Waterloo
Raising funds for the Welfit program at the U of W!