As an Environmental Lifestyle Consultant, I am offering my skills, knowledge, and resources to, individuals, families, and small businesses in order to assist you in discovering environmental solutions for your every-day routine, your living environment or your small business location. There are many ways that this can take shape.

My services take on a holistic approach and can take different forms. It may be most appropriate to visit you at your home or small business to discuss what you want to do, assess what you are doing currently, and provide some preliminary information. I can then provide written recommendations and follow-up coaching to reach your goals.

My services can help people with specific projects or with broader topics for full sustainability.

Clients have so far asked for help with a variety of things, some of which include:

For example, a client wanted to talk about climate change and his role in making a difference. I was able to help him with communicating issues  regarding climate change to others and to feel more at peace with the crisis.

Another family wanted help with sourcing environmentally friendly and efficient materials for renovations. I provided them with information to reach contractors and companies to do different jobs and source the appropriate materials in a report.

Lastly, a woman in Kitchener asked for help with finding and developing a vermicomposter for apartment composting.  I did a cost comparison for her on the different appropriate sources and then met with her to discuss composting.

Other ways I can assist you:

Green renovations

  • I can assist you with determining which green renovations will help you to increase the value of your home.
  • I can provide unbiased advice on green technologies, and recommend the best options for filling your needs.
  • I can facilitate the work with the chosen green technologies company. Ex. connecting you with natural landscapers who can transform your yard into an ecosystem which supports pollinating insects and native species.


  • I can accompany you to stores to help you identify preferred products.


  • I can assist you with cleaning out unneeded materials in the home to find the most environmentally friendly destination for each item.


  • I can assist you in making events such as birthday parties or Easter gatherings more environmentally sound

Small Businesses

  • I can assist you to incorporate green strategies into the management and processes of your small business involving any of the categories listed above.

I will focus on what works for you, at your pace, making sure that we incorporate changes that you are comfortable with, that you enjoy, and that you will be able to maintain in the long-run.

Please contact me to discuss how we can work together to meet your goals in sustainability and to receive a quote. My services may be provided over the phone (in Canada) or over Skype as well.


Currently, Earth Friendly Living is charging $25 per hour whether that is to meet at your place of choice to discuss your topic of interest, to provide a report presenting all information discussed in a meeting (usually two hours needed per topic), or to present quoted prices and recommendations for a product, eg. solar panels (usually two hours needed per product). This is a great price for coaching or consulting so get in touch to take advantage of our low prices and be one of the first to receive our services. There are currently no charges for travel to your location. We can meet you anywhere in the tri-cities.

Payment will be accepted by cash, cheque or through PayPal. If you choose to use PayPal, once we have completed work for you, we will send you an invoice electronically. When you receive the email, you can follow the instructions to make the payment.


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