Eco coaching

Living green is rewarding, but it can also be a challenge. We have so many things going on in our lives that creating new habits, such as using a travel mug or doing research into the most sustainable way to get to work, can be daunting. As a consequence, we may be putting off simple ways to live more sustainably, all the while wondering how much trash or how much green house gas we could be preventing and missing opportunities to be more healthy and save money .

The individual and household level is a great place to work on environmental sustainability. It is on this level that there is the most effective opportunity for change. For instance, making a switch from toxic to all natural products creates an increased demand for better products in the market place. It can be especially important for expecting families and families with young children to make changes as infants and children are more susceptible to toxins in the environment while in early stages of development.

Greening your lifestyle and your living environment will have many benefits:

  • It is fun;
  • You will save money;
  • You will create a healthier environment for you, your family and your clients;
  • Knowing that you are doing the right thing will make you feel happy and give you peace of mind;
  • You will have an opportunity to help others and nature.

Please check out the services section to see how we can reach these goals.


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